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Windscreen Repair

Our auto glass repair is the fast, safe, low-cost alternative to windscreen replacement for your car, truck, SUV, or bus.

Quality Windscreen Repair technicians can perform windscreen repairs anywhere on your windscreen. Our technicians render the repair optically difficult to detect, if caught early enough. Windscreen repairs help prevent cracks and chips from spreading and ruining windscreens that could otherwise be rescued, so it’s always best to perform repairs as quickly as possible.

Many windscreens with chips the size of a fifty cent piece or smaller, and cracks up to the size of 350 mm (depending on where the crack is on your windscreen) are suitable for repair. However, side and rear windows are not candidates for repair, and need to be replaced when damage requires it.

For high-quality auto glass replacement, we recommend ACCURATE AUTO GLASS.

What Can Be Repaired?

There are four types of stone chips that are so common that they have been named. The two most common are the Star Break and the Bullseye Break. The Bullseye Break can be identified by a dark colored circle on its impact point. The Star Break displays a series of short radial cracks or legs coming off of the impact point, resembling a star. Another type of stone chip has been named the Half Moon. You can identify this type of chip by the half circle separation around the impact point. Lastly, a Combination Break is a break that includes multiple types of the other kinds of breaks. An example would be a series of radial bullseyes around an impact point.

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Windscreen Repair

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Windscreen Repair

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Windscreen Repair

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Windscreen Repair

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Windscreen Repair

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